Can’t Sleep Some (or Most) Nights? Discover the Secret to “Super Sleep” … and How it Can Transform Your Life

We all know that we need to get sleep.

But… all sleep is NOT created equal!

In fact, you could even sleep 7-9 hours, thinking you’re getting the sleep you need for optimal health…

… when the truth is it’s not giving you the full benefits because it’s not high-quality, “super sleep.”

When you get super sleep, you start to see practically every area of your life improve.

For example…

If you want to workout – a good night of super sleep gives you the energy to workout more intensely…

If you want the energy to start a new business or side hustle, super sleep gives that to you in spades…

If you want to be more understanding and patient with others you care about, super sleep will help there too, since you’ll feel great and well rested…

And if your goal is weight loss – a good night of super sleep helps rev up your metabolism, making it easier to burn those fat cells all day long…

No matter which way you look at it, sleep is the foundation of all your health.

And if you improve and start getting “super sleep” every night, you’ll make achieving your other life goals that much easier.

It multiplies the power of everything you do.

I’m not just saying that, either. I know this from personal experience.

Throughout my schooling (prior to college), I always went to sleep late and woke up early. In doing that, I didn’t get an adequate amount of sleep, and, as they say, “it showed.” I wasn’t doing well on my schoolwork or tests, and I didn’t perform well at all. I kept staying up late to do homework, play games, or anything else to distract me from sleeping.

As the years went on, I exchanged the homework, video games, and other things with business. I started my own business in 2018 and I became a workaholic. I slept only four to five hours a night, if that. It started impacting my life in very negative ways, from the progress on my work to my relationships, whether personal or professional.

Fortunately, you can learn from my mistakes!

That’s why I’m excited to offer you a short, targeted course that will teach you exactly how to start getting the best sleep of your life, so you can turbocharge your health in every way.


The Super Sleep Challenge: Feel Great Every Day With Healthy Sleep Habits

In this course, you’ll discover why sleep is so important to our bodies and how getting anything less than “super sleep” is leaving you with less than optimal health. You’ll learn why most of the modern world struggles to get good sleep … what they’re doing wrong… and how to start getting “super sleep”… as soon as tonight!

You’ll also learn how to fall asleep faster, get more restorative deep sleep, and wake up full of energy so you can tackle your days with ease.

In The Super Sleep Challenge, you’ll discover:

  • 7 proven ways sleep can dramatically improve your life (and why ignoring your sleep can have drastic consequences for your health)
  • How much sleep you ACTUALLY need each night… and when “less” sleep can be better
  • How to improve your odds of getting super sleep each and every night
  • When the optimal “bedtime” is and why getting that time right matters more than you think
  • How to INSTANTLY “test” the quality of your sleep… so you’ll know if you could be feeling much more rested and energetic than you do now
  • Simple ways to turn your bedroom into a true sleep sanctuary, a place where you can unwind, relax, and set yourself up for hours of rejuvenating sleep
  • One of the biggest obstacles to quality sleep… and why it leaves you tossing and turning all night
  • How to fall asleep faster every night and fall BACK asleep if you wake up before the alarm goes off
  • How to create the ideal pre-sleep routine… one you’ll actually look forward to!
  • What the best (and safest) natural supplements are and what you MUST know before trying them
  • And much, much more!

When you join The Super Sleep Challenge, you get a masterclass in how to get better sleep and improve your health each and every day.

What You’ll Get

What you'll learn

Business Growth Breakthrough: How to Identify Your Untapped Opportunities for Revenue, Profit, and Success includes a combination of in-depth and detailed instruction and hands-on activities to help you create the foundation for a big breakthrough in your business.

We’ll cover:

Lesson 1: Your Big Why — Clarify Your Mission and Vision
Learn how to get clear on your motivations, so you know what to focus on in order to make consistent progress.

Lesson 2: Understand Your Stage of Business
Find out what stage of business you’re in, so you know what challenges you’ll need to solve and the exact steps you’ll need to take to get to the next level of revenue.

Lesson 3: Define the Right Strategy
Learn how to create an optimized strategy that will help you get to your business goals as quickly as possible.

Lesson 4: Ideas are Nothing — Execution is Everything
Discover how to dramatically accelerate your success using the OKR tool developed at IBM. This will help you take consistent action on the things that matter.

Lesson 5: Staying on Track
Learn how to stay on track and move towards your goals until you’ve achieved them.

Each lesson contains targeted activities to help you apply the concepts to your own business… so you can create a plan for the next 90 days, and beyond.

The course contains everything you need to know to create a dramatic breakthrough in your business. One that can boost sales, increase profits, and help you create a much bigger impact on the world.

What you'll learn

Lesson 1: Why You Need a Powerful Offer
Learn why it’s so critical to understand the 5 key steps to crafting an irresistible offer that speaks directly to your best prospects’ desires… and why “selling” in the manipulative sense is not needed at all.

Lesson 2: The Transformation
Find out how to instantly communicate the “before” and “after” your prospects will get after saying YES to your offer (this goes WAY beyond simple feature and benefits lists).

Lesson 3: The Motivation
Learn how to uncover and zero in on the driving force that causes your prospective customers to BUY your offer.

Lesson 4: The Mechanism
Discover how to identify the unique mechanism that makes your offer “tick” and is responsible for giving your customer the transformation they’re looking for.

Lesson 5: The Proof
Learn the secret to proving the claims made by your offer, so that your prospects believe you can deliver on your promise.

Lesson 6: The Campaign
Now that you have an offer, it’s time to build a marketing campaign around it so that you can attract prospective clients and customers and ramp up your sales.

Learn more

Lesson 1: Why Should You Start With Your Target Market?
Discover why starting with an audience-first approach is the best way to almost guarantee your business success.

Lesson 2 – Get To Know Your People
With so many options, it’s important you narrow down the groups of people you’d like to serve. In this lesson, you’ll start to get a better picture of who to serve and what challenges you could help them solve.

Lesson 3 – Finding Your One Person
Now that you’ve narrowed your target market down to a specific group, you might think you’re ready to start shifting your focus to your product. But that would be a mistake. The best target market is actually ONE person — and in this lesson you’ll find who your single ideal customer is.

Lesson 4 – What to Do With Your Ideal Customer
By now you have a clearly-defined target market. You also have a clear description of your one ideal customer. But now what do you do with that info? You’ll learn exactly what to do in this lesson.

Lesson 5: Recap
At this point, you’ve done all the work to know exactly who you’ll serve, and how to create an irresistible offering for them. Now it’s time to bring everything you’ve learned together and show you how to use this info as your business starts to grow and scale.

What you'll learn

Lesson 1: Why You Need To Stand Out From The Crowd
Learn why it’s so critical to differentiate yourself in today’s day and age… and then discover what it takes to create a resonant brand your ideal customers are drawn to.

Lesson 2: Relatability
Find out how to get your prospective customers and audience to FEEL like you understand them and “get” them through your positioning and branding.

Lesson 3: Aspiration
Learn how to represent something your audience aspires to and wants to eventually become, along with the 3 areas you can draw from to infuse this into your brand.

Lesson 4: Authenticity
Discover how to identify the points of authentic relatability and aspiration that make up your brand and business identity.

Lesson 5: Putting It Into Practice
Tie everything you’ve learned and apply it, so you create a powerful brand that resonates with your audience.

Each lesson contains targeted activities to help you apply the concepts to your own business so you can craft a resonant brand that attracts your ideal clients.

The course contains everything you need to know—and set yourself up to truly stand out of the crowd and get your people to take notice.

What you'll learn

Minimum Viable Business includes insights from leading experts in the field, like entrepreneurial legends, technological innovators, top business mentors, coaches, leaders, and researchers.

Plus, you’ll get hands-on activities that you can practice in the real world. You’ll learn how to implement the ideas you learn, so that you can start your business with confidence as soon as possible.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Lesson 1: Coming Up With a Viable Business Idea
Learn how to filter your business ideas, so you can discover the one that will not just make money, but also make you happy to get out of bed and get to work every day.

Lesson 2: Using Market Research to Sharpen Your Business Idea
Discover the secrets to creating a crystal-clear picture of your ideal customer, so you can easily find the people who want to pay for your big idea.

Lesson 3: Piloting Your Business Concept
The exact plan that will distill your business model into the least-risky version possible, and take step-by-step action to bring your big idea to life.

This course will also help you take action to finally become your own boss, make more money, or even change the world. With guided activities at the end of each lesson, you can quickly apply what you learn.

There’s no better way to safely start a new business.

You’ll also get a detailed plan that will show you how to keep your momentum going after you finish the course.

What you'll learn

Lesson 1: Identifying and Unpacking the Right Problem
Before you can solve a problem, you need to know what the real problem is. Discover how to focus your attention on the right problem, so that your efforts pay off quicker.

Lesson 2: How to Find the Root Cause
You can’t solve your problem unless you know what’s causing it. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to identify the root cause of your problem, so you can find and implement the right solution faster.

Lesson 3: Thinking Through the Implications
Learn how to choose wisely from the options available to you, so you can make smarter, better business decisions.

Lesson 4: Generating More and Better Ideas
Learn how to spark your genius and produce a flood of creative solutions.

Lesson 5: Your Business—Goal and Root Cause
Apply what you’ve learned so far to your own business. Learn a 4-step process for identifying the most important challenges and opportunities in your own business—and for getting super clear on what you’re really solving for.

Lesson 6: Your Business—Solutions and Implications
Apply what you learned in Lessons 3 and 4 to your most important business goals—and develop a smart solution and a strategic plan that you feel confident about.

Each lesson contains targeted activities to help you apply the concepts to your own life and take immediate action on realizing your dreams.

Don’t Let This Opportunity Pass You By

Everybody knows sleep is important…

But what you may not know is that poor sleep is linked with an increased risk of almost every major disease out there.

Plus, poor sleep slows your metabolism, impacts your immune system, and takes a toll on your nervous system.

It’s vital to everything we do…

And by choosing NOT to improve it…

You’re putting yourself at risk… and honestly, you’re limiting yourself.

Super sleep can rejuvenate your mind and body in ways few other things can.

Join The Super Sleep Challenge today, and learn how to start living a better, healthier life by getting the deepest, most rejuvenating sleep possible.

You can join today for just [instructions: add pricing and (if applicable) payment plan details].

That gives you access to every lesson, all the implementation exercises, [Instructions: add any other
elements that you’re including with the course.]

And you’ll have permanent access to the course content, so you can return to this material whenever you need a quick refresher.

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