How to Stop Struggling To Grow Your Business… by Tapping Into Your Hidden Opportunities for Greater Revenue, Profits, and Success

When it comes to growing your business, it often can feel like an uphill battle.

You’re working hard and probably always busy. But when you take a moment to look up, you haven’t made much progress.

It’s a lot of effort for not much reward.

So how do you stop spinning your wheels?

How can you put an end to struggling to grow your business…

…and instead make it so that your business is on a fast path to success?

The Key To Growing Your Business Isn’t Doing More, More,
MORE… It’s Tapping Into Hidden Opportunities That Are
Right Under Your Nose

Yes, building a business takes hard work. But you also need to work smart, and do the right kinds of work that will move your business forward.

Unfortunately, most business owners and entrepreneurs don’t realize what those actions are (even though it’s right under their nose).

So instead, they try a little bit of everything in hopes that *something* will move the business forward.

But what if you could know exactly why your business isn’t growing… and what to do about it?

You’d work a LOT less. Because then you’d only be doing the things that matter in your business.

This is how you create a real breakthrough in your business.

You take a pause to gain clarity on your situation. You identify the areas and opportunities you weren’t seeing before.

And then you create a doable plan to achieve your goal.

This is how all successful businesses grow so quickly.

In fact, I experienced this myself…

I started my business in 2018 as a publishing company to publish books that I write. I wrote a book (My Disability Doesn’t Define Me), a memoir about my time through school with my physical disability going through elementary school through to graduating college with my associate’s degree in business (specifically Entrepreneurship!).

In the beginning, I thought I had everything figured out: I would use book signings as one of my principle sources of income.

That all changed in 2020 when the pandemic ravaged not only the United States (where I live), but the world.

Like many other businesses, I had to pivot online.

It wasn’t a very good experience, to say the least.

In that time, I had to redefine my Why. Why I was in business in the first place. I had to understand what stage my business was in at that point in time. It certainly wasn’t where I figured I would be, that’s for sure! I redefined where I was in my business and I made a plan to move forward.

Did I always find myself able to stick to that plan? Was it always a walk in the park?

No, and no.

Regardless of how tough things got, I pushed through—even when I struggled to—because I remembered my Why.

And I can help you do the same!


Business Growth Breakthrough:
How to Identify Your Untapped Opportunities for Revenue,
Profit, and Success

In this course, you’ll discover a step-by step process for having a major breakthrough in your business and accelerating your success.

You’ll learn how to get crystal clear on your motivation and how to get the edge you need to propel your business forward…

You’ll discover what stage of business growth you’re at, so you can pinpoint what needs to be done to get to the next stage…

And you’ll develop an execution plan to ensure you achieve your goals, targets, and tap into opportunities you didn’t see before.

Bottom line: Growing your business doesn’t have to be slow and frustrating. This course helps you get clear on exactly what’s needed to increase your sales, revenue, and impact as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In Business Growth Breakthrough, you’ll discover:

  • The #1 resource you’ll need to quickly grow your sales and profits
  • The “OKR” method of setting goals that makes it far more likely you’ll achieve them
  • How to pinpoint the exact problems your business is facing and create a step-by-step plan for taking action on the solution (this is how all successful businesses grow in record time)
  • How to develop a powerful strategy that you can execute on that will practically guarantee your business growth
  • How to “stay the course” and take consistent action by using this simple technique
  • How to know what “stage” your business is at, so you can make better decisions about your next steps
  • How to create a simple, yet easy-to-follow 90-day plan for yourself so you know exactly what actions to take, when (and wake up every day on purpose and energized)
  • And much more…

When you join Business Growth Breakthrough: How to Identify Your Untapped Opportunities for Revenue, Profit, and Success, you’ll learn the secrets used by some of the most successful entrepreneurs and business owners in the world.

Plus, you’ll learn how to grow your business by taking the right actions consistently, to ensure you’re on track to achieve your goals.

What You’ll Get

Business Growth Breakthrough: How to Identify Your Untapped Opportunities for Revenue, Profit, and Success includes a combination of in-depth and detailed instruction and hands-on activities to help you create the foundation for a big breakthrough in your business.

We’ll cover:

Lesson 1: Your Big Why — Clarify Your Mission and Vision
Learn how to get clear on your motivations, so you know what to focus on in order to make consistent progress.

Lesson 2: Understand Your Stage of Business
Find out what stage of business you’re in, so you know what challenges you’ll need to solve and the exact steps you’ll need to take to get to the next level of revenue.

Lesson 3: Define the Right Strategy
Learn how to create an optimized strategy that will help you get to your business goals as quickly as possible.

Lesson 4: Ideas are Nothing — Execution is Everything
Discover how to dramatically accelerate your success using the OKR tool developed at IBM. This will help you take consistent action on the things that matter.

Lesson 5: Staying on Track
Learn how to stay on track and move towards your goals until you’ve achieved them.

Each lesson contains targeted activities to help you apply the concepts to your own business… so you can create a plan for the next 90 days, and beyond.

The course contains everything you need to know to create a dramatic breakthrough in your business. One that can boost sales, increase profits, and help you create a much bigger impact on the world.

Everyone learns at a different pace, so you will be able to go through this course at a speed that works best for you, your business, and your brain.

Can You Afford To Wait?

Spinning your wheels, hoping your business will grow is not a sound strategy. In fact, they say that doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result, is the definition of insanity.

You need a clear, step-by-step plan to help you move forward. You need to know where your biggest growth opportunities are hiding. And you need to take consistent action that follows a sound strategy.

This is how you create a big breakthrough in your business, in your sales, and in your success in general.

So why wait around hoping things will change?

Join Business Growth Breakthrough today, and get crystal clear on what you need to do, when, to dramatically accelerate your success and boost your sales and revenue.

You can join today for just $97 $47.

That gives you access to every lesson and all the implementation exercises (including worksheets and discussions!). You will also have access to the presentation slides.

And you’ll have lifetime access to the course content, so you can return to this material whenever you need a quick refresher.

Now is the time to seriously accelerate your success and build the business of your dreams.

Join Business Growth Breakthrough today to learn how.

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